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Chef's Corner

"Please join us in meeting our talented chefs."

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 Executive Chef, Christa Dallmann

Our Executive Chef, Christa Dallmann, retired after serving as an executive in organizational development and working at three Global organizations throughout her career.  As a result of her extensive international travel, she became interested in wine, cheese and culinary art. After retirement, she attended cheese school at Murrays Cheese in New York, NY to get certified as a Cheese Master and attended Wolfgang Puck’s culinary school. As the daughter of parents and grandparents of German descent, Christa has introduced several recipes that she learned from her German Grandmother. Her goal is to make her dishes “look as good as it tastes,”   therefore she prides herself on the presentation of her dishes as well as the flavor.

Chef Dieter C Presier

Chef Preiser was born in Basel Switzerland. He served an apprenticeship as Konditor & Koch in Germany at the Hotel Danner which was famous for its wild game cooking. He graduated as the second highest in the state. He then worked in various places in Switzerland and came to USA in 1965 where he worked at top Hotels, Resorts and Country Clubs. He was one of the first 50 Certified Executive Chefs in the USA and was inducted as the youngest Executive Chef in the Academy of Chef’s the honor society of the American Culinary Association. The last 30 years he worked for large Food Corporation as product development and research chef. He got many awards for his work and gold medals in national and International competition. He has 3 National Presidential Medallion and was Chef of the year 3 times. He is married to his wife Ingrid for 58 years and has one son Christopher.

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