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Let’s explore the STAMMTISCH!


The word "Stammtisch" literally means "regulars' table" and refers to a table at a pub or Restaurant where regular customers gather to chat, drink, and socialize. A Stammtisch represents a sense of community and belonging. People who gather at a Stammtisch are often regular patrons who share common interests, and lively discussions, debates, and storytelling often characterize the meetings.


The origin of the Stammtisch dates back to the Middle Ages in Germany, when craftsmen and tradespeople would gather after work to share a drink and talk about their day. Over time, these informal gatherings became more organized, and specific tables were reserved for regular patrons. The Stammtisch became particularly popular in the 19th century as a way for people to socialize, exchange ideas, and discuss current events. These gatherings often had a political or cultural focus and were essential to German society.

Today, a Stammtisch can still be found in many German pubs and restaurants, and they remain an important gathering spot for regular guest but also invites new guest to join for meaningful discussions.



Our guests at the Zum Treffpunkt love our Stammtisch for a variety of reasons:


  • Sense of community: Our guests feel connected to others when they regularly gather around the table, creating a wonderful sense of community.

  • Socialization: Besides regulars at our table and encourage new guests to join in socializing and meeting new people. It provides an opportunity to discuss topics of interest, exchange ideas and opinions, and share stories and experiences.

  • Familiarity: Our guests often enjoy the familiarity of meeting at the same place and time with the same group of people. It provides a sense of comfort and routine in a busy and changing world. 

  • Tradition: Stammtisch has a long tradition in German culture, dating back to the Middle Ages. Many of our guests enjoy being part of a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.



Should you be intrigued, have a seat at the Stammtisch for great food and new friendships, or join us at the Restaurant at your own table for a relaxing dinner. We are looking forward to serving you.

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